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Hach Total Phosphate vial

18,500,000 تومان

Total Phosphate vial

ساخت کمپانی HACH
تولید کشور آمریکا

توتال فسفات هک TP
ویال اندازه گیری فسفر کل هک

کد مرک 2767245
بازه اندازه گیری فسفر کل : 1-100 mg/l

کاتالوگ فنی 2767245

Description :Phosphorus, total, TNT reagent set, HR
Digestion Required:Yes
Footnote:†Dependent on the number of performed reagent blanks. *Generally, the DR 5000 performs the same methods as the DR/4000. The DR 2800 performs the same methods as the DR 2700, DR/2500, and DR/2400. Some exceptions do exist.
Instrument:All except DR/850,
DR/820, PC II
Method Name:Molybdovanadate
Number of tests:25 – 50
Parameter:Phosphate, total
 Total Phosphorous
Platform :Test ‘N Tube™
Range:1.0 – 100 mg/L PO₄
Special Remarks:Set contains: Cuvette test tubes, Potassiumpersulfate Powder Pillows (2084766), Molybdovanadate Reagent (2076026), Sodiumhydroxide solution 1.54 N (2743042), Sulfuric acid solution 1.37 N (2742900)
Storage Conditions:10 – 25 °C

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