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pH متر 206pH1 دیجیتال تستو

5,000,000 تومان

pH متر 206pH1 دیجیتال تستو

ساخت کمپانی TESTO
تولید کشور آلمان

ph meter قلمی تستو
دستگاه پی اچ متر Testo 206ph1

مدل 206pH1
بازه ی اندازه گیری pH : 0-14
دقت اندازه گیری 0.01

مشخصات فنی دستگاه TESTO 206pH1

دارای پراب با سنسور دمای داخلی دمایی داخلی و همچنین جبران و تطبیق دمایی
دارای ژل الکترولیت
صفحه نمایش چند خط با نمایش همزمان pH و دما بصورت همزمان

نحوه ی استفاده از ph meter testo 206ph1
نحوه ی استفاده از ph meter testo 206ph1

دارای هولد مقادیر و تثبیت مقادیر اندازه گیری شده
دارای پوشش محافظ ژلاتینی برای حفاظت در برابر آب و گرد و غبار
دارای ژل KCl محافظ و درپوش آن برای جلوگیری از سولفاته شدن، کثیف شدن همچنین طولانی تر شدن عمر الکترود
TopSafe محافظ که دستگاه با استاندارد IP68 قادر به تحمل و کارکرد در شرایط نا مطلوب مرطوب یا گرد و غبار می باشد

صفحه نمایش pH متر قلمی TESTO 206pH1
صفحه نمایش pH متر قلمی TESTO 206pH1

دارای دو عدد نگهدارنده یا هولدر دیواری
اقلام قابل خرید به عنوان آپشنال: ژل KCl ،بطری های بافر 4 و 7

کاتالوگ فنی کمپانی تستو 206pH1

pH measurement in the cosmetics industry

The pH value is a crucial factor when it comes to assessing the quality of cosmetic products. Cosmetic products which are too acidic can cause skin irritations or rashes. The pH value of the skin is normally between 5 and 6.5 thanks to its natural protective acid mantle. “Skin-neutral” cleansers are actually slightly acidic and can support the skin’s protective acid mantle, which is particularly important for people with sensitive skin. On the other hand, alkaline cleansers could encourage the skin’s process of replenishing its natural oils.
The pH value of cosmetics must therefore be monitored, controlled and, if necessary, adjusted right from the production stage, so that the end product has the required value. The testo 206 one-hand pH measuring instrument helps you to do this through:
– Direct measurement in process for fast assessment of the pH value

اندازه گیری ph فاضلاب با دستگاه testo 206 ph1
اندازه گیری ph فاضلاب با دستگاه testo 206 ph1

– Three different versions of the product – depending on the medium in which the measurement is being made (e.g. liquid, paste-like, etc.)
– Robust, waterproof and dishwasher-safe “TopSafe” protective cover (protection class IP68) to meet strict cleaning requirements in the pharmaceutical sector.
– Built-in temperature probe for simultaneous measurement of two parameters
– Maintenance-free gel electrolyte

The professional pH measuring instrument for drinking water analysis

With the development of different, breakproof probe geometries, Testo is making available special solutions for liquid as well as for viscoplastic substances. The leakproof storage solution is also new. pH probes must be stored in moist conditions, when not in use, in order to prevent the glass membrane coating around the measurement electrode and the diaphragm from drying out.

نحوه ی کار دستگاه testo 206ph1
نحوه ی کار دستگاه testo 206ph1

Pure water alone should not be used since water would release the conducting components contained in the probe electrolytes. A potassium chloride solution is usually used for this purpose. As with every liquid, it can leak which, particularly in the food branch, can lead to contamination of raw foodstuffs or products. Testo, with its new gel storage, has eliminated this disadvantage. The potassium chloride solution is available in a container in gel form. What doesn’t drip can’t leak!

The professional pH measuring instrument for the food sector

Measurement of the pH value plays an important role in many areas. Anywhere where
there are chemical and biochemical reactions,the pH value has an important indicator function.
Compact pH measuring instrument for measuring liquids. Built-in temperature probe for efficient temperature compensation. Automatic recognition of a stable reading makes it easier to measure. The “TopSafe” case included makes the instrument ideal for outdoor applications or
for use in tough industrial conditions.
Your benefits
Versatile, accurate pH measuring instrument
Not affected by dust or dirt thanks to the TopSafe protection case
Maintenance-free gel electrode
Built-in temperature probe
2 line display
Automatic full scale value recognition
1, 2, or 3 point calibration possible
1, 2 or 3-point calibration possible

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